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I Promise is a biblically based premarital resource designed to help dating or engaged couples prepare for marriage.

Each I Promise workbook includes access to our online relationship assessment, which helps couples better understand each other's unique personalities, strengths, and communication keys and barriers. The result is a couple better prepared for all God has in store for them in marriage. They will also complete their own personality assssment, powered by the Connect Assessment®.

Sessions topics include: covenant commitment, roles in marriage, communication, conflict resolution, forgiveness, sexuality and finances.

I Promise is best completed with a Facilitator (counselor, pastor, mentor, etc.), yet it can be completed as a couple.

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Book Features

Strong, Biblical Emphasis

I Promise encourages couples to view all aspects of their relationship through a biblical lens, therefore establishing a solid foundation for their marriages that will withstand the pressures of today’s culture.

Applicable in Multiple Settings

Couples can experience I Promise individually, with a large or small group, or in a more private setting such as with a pastor, counselor or mentor couple.

Interactive Online Experience

After registering on the I Promise website and creating a personal profile, each user will connect to their fiancé and facilitator.

Personalized Wedding Vows

At the end of each I Promise chapter, individuals will be given a sample wedding vow and encouraged to write their own vow that communicates a promise they would like to make to their fiancé based on what they have learned during that chapter. They can then record all of these on a supplied wedding vow worksheet and use during the wedding ceremony.

Connect Assessment®

Each I Promise workbook includes a code for accessing our online assessment. This relational and personality assessment is designed to help couples learn more about each other’s differences, in addition to examining individual strengths and communication styles.

Facilitator Support

The I Promise experience does not require facilitators to be trained or certified. However, facilitators do need to purchase their own I Promise Facilitators' Workbook. For the most part, the workbook looks the same as the participants'. The facilitators' content is located prior to the beginning of each chapter.

Honest Talk

Every chapter of I Promise concludes with a section entitled, "Honest Talk". Here, couples come together to discuss their answers to specific questions, their expectations and to complete exercises related to the chapter material.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each individual will need an I Promise workbook because there are questions and activities in the workbook that each person will have to complete individually and then discuss later as a couple. Each workbook also includes a code used to register and take online relationship and personality assessments.

Yes, there is a separate facilitator workbook. Facilitators will use their workbook code (located on the inside cover) to register on the I Promise website the same as the pre-marital couple. Facilitators are required to select the "'Facilitator" option during the registration process. This will grant them access to the facilitator page, which details tips and suggestions for using I Promise in both group and individual couple settings.  This information is basically the same as the information found in the couple's workbooks.

Each case of 30 I Promise Workbooks includes a FREE Facilitator Workbook and is discounted to $675.00.

We recommend you complete I Promise in 7 sessions, one session dedicated to the Introduction and one session dedicated to each of the 6 chapters of I Promise. We encourage you to spend a session on the Introduction because it helps establish a foundation for understanding the rest of the material moving forward.

Each I Promise chapter has material that needs to be completed individually as well as exercises that should be completed as a couple. Each chapter includes a section called "Honest Talk", that will challenge the couple to participate in discussing thought provoking questions that will require honest answers. We strongly recommend that at least one hour be set aside for this discussion time.

Yes, I Promise was designed for use with an individual couple meeting with their pastor, counselor or mentor couple but it also works well in a group setting.

Once the facilitator is registered online (ipromiseV2.strongmarriages.com), they will simply share their registration code found on the inside cover of the I Promise workbook with their couple.  In addition, couples are able to click on the “Add Facilitator” button on the bottom of their couple page (once they have registered) and enter their facilitator’s code. Once the engaged couple has added the facilitator, the facilitator will have access to all their information and assessment results by selecting that couple from their facilitator page on the I Promise website. Facilitators are able to connect with as many couples as they would like and have the ability to remove couples when they have finished the I Promise experience with the couple.