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I Promise
 is our premarital resource designed to help dating or engaged couples prepare for marriage. We intentionally designed I Promise to engage each participant both individually and as a couple by using thought provoking questions about biblical truth, each other’s unique personalities and their life experiences.  





Strong, Biblical Emphasis:I Promise encourages couples to view all aspects of their relationship through a biblical lens, therefore establishing a solid foundation for their marriage that will withstand the pressures of today’s culture.

Connect Assessment® Personality Assessment:Each I Promise workbook includes a code for accessing our online assessment. This relational and personality assessment is designed to help couples learn more about each other’s differences, in addition to examining individual strengths and communication styles.

Applicable in Multiple Settings:Couples can experience I Promise individually, with a large or small group, or in a more private setting such as with a pastor, counselor or mentor couple.

Facilitator Support:The I Promise experience does not require facilitators to be trained or certified, nor does it require an additional Facilitators Guide. Through online tools and resources, we are able to equip and support facilitators with everything they need to lead couples through the I Promise experience.

Interactive Online Experience:After registering on the I Promise website and creating a personal profile, each user will find a link for completing their assessment, ways to personalize their own user account, plus a myriad of other helpful resources for building a strong marriage.

Honest Talk:Every chapter of I Promise concludes with a section entitled, “Honest Talk.” Here, couples come together to discuss their answers to specific questions, their expectations and complete exercises related to the chapter material.

Personalized wedding vows:At the end of each I Promise chapter, individuals will be given a sample wedding vow and encouraged to write their own vow that communicates a promise they would like to make to their fiancé based on what they have learned during that chapter.They can then record all of these on a supplied wedding vow worksheet and use during the wedding ceremony.