Welcome to I Promise, Version 2. For the last few years, thousands of people have enjoyed the I Promise experience for preparing for marriage. After listening to the wonderful feedback we received from these users, we decided to implement some of their ideas and suggestions into the new Version 2. In addition, after many years of development, we now have a new personality assessment tool called "The Connect Assessment", which is now integrated into the I Promise, Version 2 experience. This new assessment still incorporates most of the previous assessment's components, yet with more user-friendly insight.

I Promise, Version 1 users will notice a few other changes, such as:

  1. New Facilitator's Code  - In order to view the information of each couple they will lead, all Facilitators are required to have Facilitator code, which is located just inside the front cover of the Facilitator's Guide. 

    Note: Even if you are a Facilitator using Version 1, you must have a new code to connect with the couples you will be leading through Version 2. If this applies to you, please contact Strong Marriages for information about how to obtain your code.

  2. New Facilitator's Guide - The Facilitators Guide is basically the I Promise workbook with tips and suggestions for leading each session located in front of each chapter. This new format makes it much easier for leading either a single couple or multiple couples through the process. Should Facilitators not have their Facilitator's Guide handy, the information for leading their couple/couples can still be found online.

  3. New Connection Process - Our new connection process is much like those used by many social media sites. Before any user can connect to another user (i.e. Facilitator or future spouse), that user must know or have been given the code or e-mail of the user they are attempting to connect with. Once permissions are approved, the user specific connections take place and information can then be shared. 

Based on feedback from other Version 1 users, we are extremely confident others who have not yet experienced I Promise, Version 2 will equally appreciate each new features found in this incredibly effective premarital tool.